Using Simulation for Inbound Transportation Planning for Amur Gas Processing Plant

Using Simulation for Inbound Transportation Planning for Amur Gas Processing Plant

Development and visualization on the geographical map of simulation model which captures a material delivery logistic scheme for the construction works on one of the world’s largest natural gas processing plant.

Period: June 2016 – July 2016
Industry: Oil and Gas
Client / Partner: Gazprom Neft / BRIGHT Group

Project objective

  • Generate a plan of logistic network development to supply the construction site of Amur gas refining plant
  • Determine the feasibility of the plan of materials, resources and equipment considering the schedule of influx of goods by sea and seasonality of goods transportation by river to the construction site

The main stages of work and characteristics of the model

  • Development of the concept and technical specification for the simulation model
  • Development and testing of the model on the AnyLogic platform
  • Development of the visualization tool
  • Verification and validation of the simulation model

Model input data

  • Characteristics and limitations of vessels and barge tugs (speed of transportation, duration of loading and unloading operations, etc.)
  • Routes of shipment
  • Schedule of influx of goods by sea

The main structural elements of the model

  • Input data file of scenario in MS Excel format
  • Simulation model with interactive presentation
  • Data aggregation module that allows to generate MS Excel files with the simulation results

Model output data

  • Planned and actual duration of consignments transportation
  • Number of used vessels and barge tugs every day
  • Total duration of transportation
  • Quantity and rate of consignments arrived to the terminal with delay

Project result

  • Simulation model of materials delivery logistic scheme for Amur gas refining plant construction that allows to simulate the movement of vessels and check the feasibility of the delivery under different scenarios
  • Visualization of materials delivery logistic scheme on the geographical map