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Our products

Our simulation models and schedulers are successfully used in various industries

We create not only specialized solutions for specific customers, but also products for individual industries on our own Amalgama Platform.

MineTwin — software for simulation and planning of mining operations

MineTwin is a configurable simulation-based decision support tool for underground and open-pit mines.

Typical challenges addressed
  • Determination the real achievable production capacity of open-pit or underground mine
  • Validation of mine plan feasibility
  • Evaluation operational improvements
  • Quantification of return on investment
  • Planning of the mining equipment fleet modernization
  • Planning of mining operations for all time horizons: from shift to several years
  • Weekly generation of work orders
MineTwin Consider real operational constraints and parameters:
  • Development and production mining
  • Dynamic evaluation of stopes reachability
  • Flexible rules of shift-to-shift scheduling
  • Drilling, blasting and bolting
  • Loading and bogging, vehicle priorities and bypass positions
  • Road surface quality and slopes
  • Transloading and using intermediate ore buffers
  • Queuing in front of ore passes
  • Scheduling rail operations and rail transportation
  • Dependencies between processes in the same stope and between stopes
  • Delays caused by de-watering, ventilation setup and other supporting activities

PlantTwin — a decision support tool for multiproduct manufacturing plants

PlantTwin supports decision making for strategic and medium-term production planning of factory shops, enterprises and groups of enterprises.

Typical challenges addressed
  • Evaluating adequacy of productive capacity of a shop, enterprise or group of enterprises for production target delivery
  • Justification of investment in modernization of existing and creation of new production facilities
  • Generating a feasible schedule to complete production plan on time
  • Validation of production plan feasibility using simulation modelling and Monte-Carlo analysis
  • Scenario analysis of work distribution and coordination policies between plants of a holding company
PlantTwin considers:
  • Hierarchical BOMs structure
  • Production routes, including assembly operations
  • Setup and cleaning durations
  • Operating schedule of factory shops, production units and personnel
  • Operations of external contractors
  • Consumption and replenishment of purchased component stocks
  • Sizes of production batches
  • Equipment maintenance and repair schedules
  • Products transportation parameters
  • Buffers and storage facilities capacity

Amalgama Platform

Amalgama Platform — a framework for creating enterprise-ready simulation models and scheduling systems

Amalgama Platform is a framework for development of enterprise-ready simulation models and domain-specific decision support tools in Java programming language. The platform includes a Java simulation engine, a scheduling library, and several other libraries and Eclipse IDE plug-ins.

Program Features
  • Paradigm-free approach and lightweight simulation API
  • Solutions are based on structured data models, not ad-hoc point-and-click designs
  • Has built-in algorithms and building blocks for scheduling logic of any complexity
  • Allows to build cross-platform domain-specific simulation applications, like MineTwin, and PlantTwin
  • Compatible with enterprise Java technologies
  • Has functionality for unit testing of simulation models