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Amalgama Software Design

We create complex simulation models and scheduling systems to support decision making

Our simulation models and schedulers are successfully used in mining, manufacturing, metallurgy, retail, distribution, and other industries

Complex simulation models

Simulation is a computerized model of a system that enables businesses to conduct experiments and test hypotheses in a risk-free virtual environment.

By using simulations, companies can move away from costly and time-consuming real-world testing and instead explore a range of scenarios in a controlled and efficient manner.

This allows them to better understand the behavior of complex systems, optimize processes, and make informed decisions based on data-driven insights.

Amalgama Software Design
Amalgama Software Design
Amalgama Software Design
Amalgama Software Design
Amalgama Software Design
Amalgama Software Design

Bespoke scheduling systems

Scheduling systems generate optimized, real-time schedules for equipment units over a range of time horizons, from a single shift to several years.

These systems take into account a variety of factors, including work plans and priorities, work breakdown structures, equipment maintenance schedules, and other constraints.

By analyzing this information and applying advanced algorithms, scheduling systems can create efficient schedules that minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Our simulation models and decision support tools are successfully used in mining, manufacturing, metallurgy, retail, distribution, and other industries

Mine-Twin is our software product for planning and decision support in open-pit and underground mining

Many mining companies and consultants use MineTwin to:

  • quantify return on investment
  • test mine plans feasibility
  • determine achievable production capacity of current and planned mines
  • evaluate operational improvements

PlantTwin is our simulation based decision support tool for discrete manufacturing

PlantTwin is a powerful tool that enables shipbuilding, aerospace, machine-building and other discrete manufacturing enterprises to optimize their processes in several ways:

  • generate feasible schedules that ensure the timely completion of the production plan
  • evaluate the adequacy of the productive capacity of a shop or enterprise to meet production targets
  • analyze manufacturing system constraints and identify opportunities for improvement
  • justify investments in the modernization of existing production facilities or the creation of new ones

Amalgama Platform

Framework for creating enterprise-ready simulation models and scheduling systems

Amalgama Platform is a framework for development of enterprise-ready simulation models and domain-specific decision support tools in Java programming language. Unlike most other simulation software, Amalgama Platform enables development of domain-specific simulation systems, not just models.

The platform offers a set of Java libraries and Eclipse plug-ins to create simulations by coding in pure Java.

Amalgama Software Design

Our projects

We have successfully implemented over 35 commercial simulation, planning and scheduling projects

Amalgama Software Design

Gazprom Neft

Development of operational scheduling system for oil rigs service teams and equipment
Amalgama Software Design

Norilsk Nickel

Development of a mining simulation tool to support planning and operational improvements in 6 mines of Norilsk Nickel
Amalgama Software Design

Tata Steel UK

Development of dynamic supply chain simulation model for Tata Steel UK
Amalgama Software Design

BHP Billiton Ltd

Development of dynamic simulation for strategic planning of potash mine outbound logistics for BHP Billiton
Amalgama Software Design

Microsoft Corporation

Development of simulation model to support changing of stock and time buffer management policies throughout the global supply chain of electronic devices
Amalgama Software Design


Development and implementation of simulation-based integrated decision support tool for underground potash mining operations of Uralkali, one of the world’s largest potash producers

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