Operational Scheduling System for Siberian Agricultural Group

Operational Scheduling System for Siberian Agricultural Group

Development of operational scheduling system for Sibagro — one of the biggest pork producers. The system is used to perform daily scheduling of 2 pig feed plants and over 100 feed storages. The other use of the system is scenario analysis to support mid-term allocation of feed types to plants, validate CAPEX initiatives, plan major maintenances etc.

Period: July 2020 – December 2020
Industry: Agriculture
Client / Partner: Siberian Agricultural Group

Project objective

Development of the tool of operational planning and scenario analysis of compound feed manufacturing from the first production stage – dosage – to finished products storage in pig farms silos

The main stages of work and characteristics of the system

  • Task definition with field visit, taking part in business requirements analysis and setting up a scheduling problem
  • The scheduler concept development
  • Development and testing of an operational planning tool on the Amalgama platform
  • Verification of the operational planning tool
  • Taking part in the implementation of the tool and its pilot operation

System input data

  • Data on operations, changeovers, production sequences restrictions
  • Information about capacities of storages and available materials
  • Opening balances of half-finished materials and end-products in storages
  • Technical characteristics and limitations of trucks transferring materials from plant to pig farms straight or through transfer points
  • Periods of unavailability of aggregates, storages, trucks, storage cleaning schedules

The main structural elements of the system

  • Input data file of scenario in MS Excel format
  • Module of data input and scenario editing
  • Module of scheduling with presentation of scheduling results
  • Module of automated testing

System output data

  • Schedule of operation of aggregates with break-up into operations
  • Stock movement of half-finished materials and end-products in storages
  • Trucks work schedule
  • The service level in terms of time and volume

Project result

The tool of operational planning is in use in two compound feed plants of Siberian Agricultural Group. The tool helps to create schedules for aggregates and storages for one shift and conduct scenario analysis – evaluate performance of plants considering operational improvements, repairs, technological parameters changes