Logistics Network Planning for Gazpromneft

Logistics Network Planning for Gazpromneft

Development of simulation-based tool for analysis of supply network development options for a remote oil oilfield. The model considered 4 modes of transportation supply materials for all periods of oilfield lifecycle.

Period: August 2015 – January 2016
Industry: Oil and Gas
Client / Partner: Gazpromneft / BRIGHT Group

Project objective

Develop the organization plan of multimodal supply network for materials delivery to a remote oilfield «New Port»

The main stages of work and characteristics of the model

  • Development of the concept of the simulation-based tool for analysis
  • Development of the supply network simulation model on the AnyLogic platform
  • Development of the analytics user interface
  • Testing and taking part in implementation of the system

Model input data

  • Transported objects data (materials and end-products)
  • Technical characteristics and limitations of used transport (speed of transportation, capacity by transport category, etc.)
  • Existing logistic network configuration
  • Cost parameters of logistic network operation
  • Profiles of end-products requirement and production

The main structural elements of the model

  • Input data file of scenario in MS Excel format
  • Simulation model with interactive presentation
  • Analytics user interface that allows to customize scenarios and compare several scenarios
  • Data aggregation module that allows to generate MS Excel files with the simulation results

Model output data

  • Logistic system service level
  • Average and maximum volume of materials stored in warehouses
  • Total costs during the period of modeling
  • Weighted average delivery price per one ton of transported material

Project result

Simulation-based tool for analysis of supply network development options for a remote oilfield