Road Traffic Library for AnyLogic

Development of Road Traffic Library – the library for modeling of road traffic for software AnyLogic.
Period: February 2015 – February 2016
Industry sector: IT
Client / Partner: The AnyLogic Company

Project objective
  • Development of the Road Traffic Library – an Anylogic library for road traffic modeling

Our scope of work

  • Development and matching functional specification of the library
  • Development of the library core that contains functionality for simulation of spatial interactions of agents
  • Development of logic of an agent taking part in road traffic
  • Development of functional elements of the library in the form of elements of space marking and logical blocks
  • Integration of the library with AnyLogic
  • Error correction and technical support after publishing of the library

Library structure elements

  • The library core is the set of classes for simulation of spatial interactions of agents
  • Basic class of agent as participator of road traffic
  • Elements of space marking – road section, crossroad, public transport stop, etc.
  • Blocks – source of agents, router, etc.

Project result

  • The Road Traffic Library, which is the part of AnyLogic software, is developed, tested, and published

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