Simulation-Based Tool for Evaluation of Production Plan Feasibility in Aerospace Industry

Development of simulation-base tool for:
• comparison of plant configuration options,
• evaluation of production plan feasibility with existing or prospective production facilities,
• determining key equipment units that need to be modernized first.
Period: April 2017 – March 2018
Industry sector: Manufacturing
Client / Partner: United Rocket and Space Corporation (URSC)

Project objective
  • Reasonable evaluation of the effectiveness of production plant configuration options
  • Analysis of production plan feasibility using current/ planned production facilities
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of investment in technical upgrading and modernization of the client’s production plants

Our scope of work

  • The simulation model concept development for pilot production plant
  • Development and testing of a model on the AnyLogic 7 platform
  • Verification and validation of the simulation model in cooperation with client’s team
  • Technical and methodological support of the client’s team at the stage of scenario analysis

Simulation model inputs

  • Production plan
  • Schedules of production centers, durations and frequency rate of technological operations
  • Schedule of equipment commissioning and decommissioning
  • Configuration of the production plant

Simulation model structure elements

  • Input data file of scenario in MS Excel format
  • Simulation model with interactive presentation
  • Data aggregation module that allows to generate MS Excel files with the simulation results

Simulation model outputs

  • Schedule of end-product output
  • Percentage of products produced on time
  • Distribution of delay and ahead of schedule
  • Stock movement of component products
  • Stock movement of work in progress
  • Duration of production cycles
  • Financial indicators (operating costs, gross profit margin, etc.)

Project result

  • Simulation model that allows to analyze operation and financial indicators of the production plan with different sets of resources, configuration, and external conditions

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