Operational scheduling system for oil rigs service teams and equipment

Development of operational scheduling system for oil rigs service teams and equipment. The system is used for real-time optimized scheduling and coordination of oil service teams and equipment across oil fields with hundreds of rigs. The objective of scheduling is to provide highest possible service level of rigs maintenance while minimizing equipment travel time. The system considers multiple real-world constraints such as personnel rosters, road pavement quality issues, material supply requirements and others. The client is Gazprom Neft – one o the top-3 Russian oil & gas companies.
Period: June 2020 – December 2020
Industry sector: Oil and Gas
Client / Partner: Gazprom Neft / BRIGHT Group

Project objective
  • Generate optimized real-time schedule of oil rig maintenance teams as well as transfers between facilities. The scheduler considers current positions of mobile equipment units, work plans, repair team transfers and other constraints and interdependencies

Our scope of work

  • Scheduling problem definition, analysis and formalization of business requirements
  • Development of the scheduler based on the Amalgama platform
  • Development of the advanced user interface for verification of consistency and quality of scheduling
  • Development of the automated testing environment
  • Integration of the scheduler into the corporate IT systems
  • Customer support during testing and verification period

System inputs

  • Characteristics of production facilities (oil rigs, supply bases, pipelines, etc.) maintained by maintenance teams
  • Technical characteristics and limitations of vehicles that transfer teams and equipment
  • Maintenance plan in the form of a sequence of operations and operation steps
  • Resources unavailability periods
  • Road and bridge closures, unexpected failures, personnel’s health issues

Structure elements of the system

  • Input data file of scenario in MS Excel format
  • Auxiliary user interface for verification of consistency and quality of scheduling
  • Scheduler as an independent module with its own API for data input and output
  • Automated testing module

System outputs

  • Maintenance teams operation-wise schedule specifying resources allocated for each operation step and all movements and transitions required
  • Resource shortage report with indication of resource types that are in short supply
  • Input data consistency report

Project result

  • The scheduler is now included into the large corporate system of operational planning and is used by the client on a daily basis

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