Dynamic domain-specific simulation system for discrete manufacturing facilities of Agat

Development and implementation of dynamic domain-specific simulation system for discrete manufacturing facilities of Agat – a part of Russian aerospace industry. The system is used by the team of internal consultants to check feasibility of production schedules, validate CAPEX initiatives as well as high-level allocation of production orders.

Period: April 2019 – October 2019
Industry sector: Manufacturing
Client / Partner: Agat

Project objective
  • Development of the dynamic simulation modeling tool for a large-scale discrete manufacturing plant. The system is used to test production plan feasibility considering limited resources availability, complex BOMs and other constraints and interdependencies. The system was also used for justification of investments in the modernization of production capacities and for scenario analysis of cooperation options between enterprises of a holding company

Our scope of work

  • Task definition and the system concept development
  • Development of the system based on the Amalgama platform and our PlantTwin solution
  • Testing and verification of the dynamic simulation model
  • Development of the user’s manual and the developer’s manual
  • Technical and methodological support of the client’s team

System inputs

  • Production plan
  • Product structure – BOMs and production routes
  • Production capacities information – work centers, their performance, schedule etc.

Structure elements of the system

  • Scenario editor
  • Scheduler with presentation of scheduling results
  • Simulation model with interactive presentation
  • Batch launch mode for scenario analysis and Monte-Carlo experiments

System outputs

  • Detailed operation-wise production schedule
  • Inventory dynamics of purchased materials, finished goods and subassemblies
  • Key financial indicators of the plant

Project result

  • System of dynamic modelling which allows to check production plan feasibility, estimate effectiveness of operational and technological improvements, estimate financial indicators of business, and perform scenario analysis

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