Amalgama provides professional services in simulation model development as well as business consulting supported by simulation modeling. We develop simulation models of any complexity using AnyLogic as a platform and our custom-built libraries to speed-up the development process. Our experience with AnyLogic and Java programming allows us to efficiently create simulations for virtually all industries, however we have deep understanding and vast experience in applying the simulation in the following areas:

  • Mining
  • Metallurgy
  • Supply chains
  • Manufacturing and shop-floor operations

The way we work

The most common types of our engagements are:

  1. Simulation models development and validation. In this case we apply our experience and deep expertise to create and deliver a simulation model on time and within budget. The model then can be used either by consultants or client’s internal team to support business decisions.
  2. Full-cycle consulting projects supported by simulation models. In this case we take the full scope of the project from problem definition to providing recommendations based on simulation results. We work closely with client’s team to make sure we get maximum from the simulation.

We are also happy to discuss any alternative ways of cooperation in area of simulation and simulation-related services.

Our approach

Full-cycle simulation-based projects include stages from problem definition to recommendations development. Scenario analysis is usually in the center of each simulation project. In our projects we typically go through the 7 steps to bring value to our clients:

Contact us

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