Operational Planning and Scheduling of Logistics for Offshore Arctic Drilling Platforms Supported by Simulation

Operational planning of logistics for offshore arctic drilling platforms supported by simulation.
Period: October 2018 – May 2019
Industry sector: Oil and Gas
Client / Partner: Gazprom Neft / BRIGHT Group

Simulation of Cargo Rail Terminal for Irkutsk Oil Company

Simulation of multimodal (rail + truck) cargo terminal servicing a group of petrochemical plants of Irkutsk Oil Company in Ust-Kut, Eastern Siberia. The model was used to estimate throughput of the terminal with various number of rail tracks, locos and cranes. The terminal handles simultaneous inbound and outbound material flows which leads to multiple interactive constraints and makes simulation the only effective tool for «what-if» analysis.
Period: August 2018 – May 2019
Industry sector: Oil and Gas
Client / Partner: Irkutsk Oil Company (INK) / BRIGHT Group

Supply Chain Simulation to Test Theory of Constraints Implementation for Macmillan Publishing

Development of continent-wide books supply chain simulation model for MacMillan Publishing House. The objective of the project was to investigate the extent, consequences and causes of surpluses and shortages of their titles within retailers and their own DCs. The model was also used to quantify the potential impact of moving to a Theory of Constraints (TOC) best practice for managing inventory and determining print quantities.
Period: June 2018 – November 2018
Industry sector: Wholesale and Retail
Client / Partner: MacMillan Publishing / Goldratt Research Labs

Simulation Based Scheduling Tool for Decision Support at Copper Plant

Development of simulation model for:
• estimation of practically reachable production volume of Copper plant,
• estimation of effects of operational improvements.
Period: January 2018 – February 2019
Industry sector: Metallurgy
Client / Partner: Norilsk nickel

Supply Chain Simulation to Test Theory of Constraints Implementation for Cargil

Development of edible oils supply chain simulation model for Cargill. The model embraced sourcing, production, components and finished goods inventory managements as well as distribution of edible oils across North America. The model was used to optimize production batching policies and to test and verify inventory management algorithms. The simulation has interactive visualization of inventory and production dynamics that allowed users to faster analyze the complex interdependencies of the supply chain.
Period: August 2017 – February 2018
Industry sector: Agriculture
Client / Partner: Cargill / Goldratt Research Labs

Development of Client-Specific Functionality for Integrated Mine Planning Tool of Norilsk Nickel

Increasing of simulation adequacy and improvement of the effectiveness of user’s work with the system of mining simulation tool.
Period: May 2017 – December 2018
Industry sector: Mining
Client / Partner: Norilsk nickel

Simulation-Based Tool for Evaluation of Production Plan Feasibility in Aerospace Industry

Development of simulation-base tool for:
• comparison of plant configuration options,
• evaluation of production plan feasibility with existing or prospective production facilities,
• determining key equipment units that need to be modernized first.
Period: April 2017 – March 2018
Industry sector: Manufacturing
Client / Partner: United Rocket and Space Corporation (URSC)

Analysis of Electrical Steel Plant Configurations for Tata Steel Cogent

Development of dynamic simulation model of Cogent Orb Electrical Steels plant. The purpose of the model is to evaluate effect of upgrading critical processing centers. The model is also used to study operational and financial indicators of the plant considering high volatility of processing quality (yield losses, variable non-prime yield, etc.).
Period: February 2017 – February 2018
Industry sector: Metallurgy
Client / Partner: Tata Steel / Goldratt Research Labs

Using Simulation to Improve Profitability and Supply Reliability of Tata Steel UK Integrated Supply Chain

Development of dynamic supply chain simulation model for Tata Steel UK (2 plants, 28 production centers including 3 casters, 49 external warehouses). The model embraces production scheduling, WIP and finished products inventory management as well as transportation by rail and sea. The model is used to identify system bottlenecks for different demand profiles. Another purpose of the model is to develop, test and evaluate algorithms of prioritizing production and customer orders.
Period: February 2017 – February 2018
Industry sector: Metallurgy
Client / Partner: Tata Steel / Goldratt Research Labs

Scheduling Tool for Agricultural Operations of Bashkir-Agroinvest

Development of agricultural operations simulation-based planning model for Bashkir-Agroinvest LLC. The model uses multiple heuristics to generate schedule of operations considering multiple constraints such as limited time windows, dependencies between operations, limited number of equipment units, etc. The model also estimates the number of external resources to be rented to meet the operations deadlines.
Period: August 2016 – May 2017
Industry sector: Agriculture
Client / Partenr: Bashkir-Agroinvest / Ernst & Young

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